The Little Green Dress children's book series is a perfect introduction to tradition and customs in ones family. Teaching our children, especially little girls that family traditions, customs are very important. Those various and unique rituals, make up the fabric of our families.

The Little Green Dress

ISBN-13: 978-1546571810

The Little Green Dress series is a tribute to our family's tradition of having every six-month-old baby girl take a photo wearing this very special little green dress.

The first book opens with the Duchess of Hulman searching for a special dress for her only child, a daughter, Queen K.

The Duchess searches many fine boutiques but finds nothing. Upon her arrival home, she meets a neighbor. Hearing of the trouble in finding a special dress, the neighbor offers the Duchess a special gift.

Queen K in The Little Green Dress
Queen K in The Little Green Dress is the second installment of the series.
Once again we begin with the matriarch of the family, the Duchess of Hulman. She has scheduled a photoshoot for her darling daughter, Queen K. The morning is spent combing hair, making sure her daughter is perfect. At last, The Little Green Dress and Queen K are ready for their debut.
Lady Ashley in The Little Green Dress

ISBN-Coming Soon!

The third book in the series is Lady Ashley in The Little Green Dress. The special dress has been put away in hopes that one day it will be worn again.

Queen K has joined the United States Army. While stationed in Germany, Queen K gave birth to Lady Ashley.  Not long after, Queen K was off to fight in the Gulf war. The Duchess of Hulman  and the Kingdom of Davis took care of Lady Ashley while Queen K was away.

It was the Duchess' idea to take Lady Ashley's picture in the very same dress she'd bought for darling daughter, Queen K. The Little Green Dress tradition was born.



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