The Little Green Dress tells the story of how The Duchess of Hulman, the matriarch of the family is searching for a special dress. A dress for her only baby, a girl deemed Queen K. This dress would be worn for a photoshoot the Duchess is planning for her bubbly baby.

After searching many boutiques with no luck, the Duchess returns to the Kingdom of Davis.

Upon her return, she is met by a young lady, the neighbor of Rike. She hears of the search for a special dress and eagerly tells the Duchess she has just such a garment...

The wait is over. The Little Green Dress children's book series is here! With great character development, full of color and cultural diversity, TLGD is a wonderful introduction to tradition and legacy in one's family.

Kindergarten Teacher


Patiently awaiting the arrival of the rest of the series, Lady Ashley in The Little Green Dress, The Princess in The Little Green Dress, Two Baby Girls, One Little Green Dress Who Will Be Next To Wear The Little Green Dress.

Ashley Vancouver, Preschool


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